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Tensei Kenja wa Musume to Kurasu 4.7

Tensei Kenja Wa Musume To Kurasu

Chapter 1.3: (Part Four)

99,599 Feb 16,20 Ryo Kotohira,Uso Uzaki

Meet Kento Oonari, salaryman in hell. Overworked by his bosses, his head surely whirled. He dies, but meets up with a god called Raidel Who tells him that he’ll be sent to a new world. Kento's fairly cautious - he’s read this before.   And so, to the god, he begs for one thing: “I just want to live a slow life, nothing more. &ldq
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The Three-Body Problem 4.8

The Three-Body Problem

Chapter 4

100,294 Feb 17,20 Akisaki Rio

Lilian Eddington finds a mysterious but cute black beast in the woods, which she refuses to abandon when her grandfather says she can't keep it as a pet.  After he finally consents, she kisses the newly named Woolbo on the nose only for it to release the seal on it and it turns into the Maou. While condescending at first, the Maou decides he can't abandon Lilia either.  How will
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Madan no Ou to Michelia 4.5

Madan No Ou To Michelia

Chapter 1

24,934 Feb 16,20 Kawaguchi Tsukasa

The Lord Marksman and Michelia novel series is an alternative parallel world to Kawaguchi's Lord Marksman and Vanadis light novel series, with Ludmila instead of Eleonora as the main heroine. In this alternate world, Zhcted does not declare war on Brune, but instead forms an alliance to wage war against the kingdom of Muozinel. A young man named Tigre goes to war in his father's place, and
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No Marriage 4.5

No Marriage

Chapter 8

16,453 Feb 16,20 Chun Ji Hye

For 7 years, marriage was banned in the Kingdom of Great Joseon because the King lost his precious wife. Enter a marriage fraud specialist to save the day (while she sends the King and his trusted General into emotional chaos). Based on the 3-volume novel series of the same name. Original Webtoon (Naver Series) Promo Video Original Novel (Naver) Original
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Fukaku ni mo Kyun to Kita 4.9

Fukaku Ni Mo Kyun To Kita

Chapter 3

19,987 Feb 16,20 Rindo Momo

Since I've known you, the sound of my heart won't stop...A Everyday with heartthrob?!
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If She's Silent, She's Just a Beauty 4.5

If She's Silent, She's Just A Beauty

Chapter 2

36,686 Feb 16,20 Kagawa Ichigo

Aoyama Mio is Murasaki's kouhai in the tennis club. And though she doesn't talk much and gives off a cool beauty vibe, once she really gets talking her true colors start to show...
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Devil's Ear 4.5

Devil's Ear

Chapter 1

11,690 Feb 16,20 Updating

A cold an evil president suffered in phonism (hearing things), which allowed him to hear different thoughts from people around him. One time he unknowingly hear the heroin singing, and suddenly all the other noise in the world were gone. From then on, whenever he hear she sings, he would become a docile and cute boy.
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The Three-Body Problem 5

The Three-Body Problem

Chapter 1

5,171 Feb 16,20 Liu cixin

Adapted from the Liu Cixin’s novel of the same name. Abnormal disturbances within the global science community are revealed after a series of mysterious deaths within the community. Meanwhile, Nanotechnology researcher, Wang Miao, enters into a cryptic virtual-reality game known as Three Body and slowly begins to unravel the truth of the world. Along the way, he also encounters a strange
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Touhou ~ Starving Marisa's Blessed Meal 5

Touhou ~ Starving Marisa's Blessed Meal

Chapter 3

6,385 Feb 16,20 nva222

Ongoing Touhou manga from nva222 published in the official Strange Creators of Outer World magazine.
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The Struggle of a 0 Love Flag Girl 4.3

The Struggle Of A 0 Love Flag Girl

Chapter 28

69,879 Feb 16,20 Nuò dòngmàn gōngzuò shì,飒漫画 路非

The first time they met, she stripped him, put his clothes on and went home. The second time they met, she stripped herself, threatening him: “Leave or I’ll shout out!” The third time they met, she smirked to him: “Just strip. You will get used to it. Come on!”
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 Demon, Don’t Kiss Me 4.1

Demon, Don’T Kiss Me

Chapter 13

32,924 Feb 16,20 Sihai

When Ai Xiaoxiao, the seventeen-year-old girl discovers her first boyfriend is gay, she is devastated, but soon something more devastating ensues, as her love rival kisses her instead and suddenly transforms into a demon. This arouses the interest of the demon, who is openly the CEO of a powerful company that controls the economic lifeline of the entire nation, because he has never been transfo
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Yamada to Sensei 4.1

Yamada To Sensei

Chapter 2: Kindness Club

15,813 Feb 16,20 Igarashi Ran

Yamada, a kind-hearted and well endowed high school girl, comes across Takahashi, a high school teacher, who was taking a nap near the forest as he's got a lot on his mind. Lost in their own little world, Yamada helps unravel Takahashi's troubles with her soothing kindness...
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Again My Life 4.8

Again My Life

Chapter 1

15,427 Feb 15,20 선용민

A righteous prosecutor, life reset, punish the villain!!!! A hot-blooded prosecutor, kim hi wu, was murdered and sunk into the ocean while chasing the tyrant who controlled korea. But, Kim Hi Wu, meets a grim reaper who gives him a chance to relive and sends him back to when he was 18 years old. As a high schooler, kim hi wu, prepares to punish the tyrant Jo Tae Sup. “To get the devil, yo
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Love Between You And Me 3.8

Love Between You And Me

Chapter 220

276,569 Feb 16,20 Sanford

Zu Sheng Xia, a rebellious, wild and intractable troublemaker who fights a lot at school. Leng Ye Chen, the third master of Leng Family. He looks cold and serious on the outside, but deep inside he’s a flirty and scheming fox. The first time they met, Sheng Xia fell for him, but he’s her third uncle?! No worries! She is smarter than that! Come and see her how to take down the cold, ele
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Love Live! Sunshine!! Maru's 4-Koma 4.7

Love Live! Sunshine!! Maru's 4-Koma

Vol.1 Chapter 10: Aqours Autumn

8,134 Feb 15,20 Sakurako Ono

Originally serialized in Dengeki G's Magazine.
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Karera o Meguru Subete 4.5

Karera O Meguru Subete

Vol.1 Chapter 1: All About Their Story

12,821 Feb 15,20 Sato Akihito

Fujiwara, a high school student with an excessive predisposition to misfortune, lives at a seaside town with his alcoholic father. One morning, after suffering from his father's mayhem, he fell into the sea. Fujiwara was saved by the refreshing college student, Oono. Fujiwara falls in love at first sight with the kind and handsome Oono. After that encounter, Fujiwara's world bec
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Villain initialization 4.6

Villain Initialization

Chapter 1

52,772 Feb 16,20 CuZn Moyou Tangman Culture

Ling Chen lived as a villain for 35 years, but in the final battle with the hero Ye Muxue, he "initialized" reset-reborn back to 17! what? Do you think he wants to be human again? Less talk! Of course, it's time to kill Ye Mu, who wasn't super powered at that time!
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Hanazono and Kazoe's Bizarre After School Rendezvous 4.8

Hanazono And Kazoe's Bizarre After School Rendezvous

Vol.1 Chapter 4: Daunting Images

29,930 Feb 15,20 Omi Kohara

Kazoe, a girl sheltered from perverse content, and Hanazono, a boy brought up in a family that lives off of the perverse. As Kazoe is finally unable to restrain her curiosity, she turns to Hanazono for help. This is the story of the two engaging in high intensity consensual knowledge sharing.
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Dragon Quest e no Michi 2.6

Dragon Quest E No Michi

5,923 Feb 14,20 Takizawa Hiroyuki

A manga that is essentially the story of Enix from the time it starts working with games, until its release of the series it became known for, Dragon Quest. All the characters are real Enix employees at the time. You get to see the developers as real people, who agonize over everything, like how big to make the text boxes, what should NPCs say, etc, as well as how they get along with each other.
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Guardian of the Witch 3.3

Guardian Of The Witch

Vol.1 Chapter 1: First Meeting

26,747 Feb 15,20 Sakano Asahi

In a world full of Evils, humanity's only hope is the inhuman power of the witches. The city of Berne is on the frontline of the demons and there to protect it is the witch Manasfa and the kingdom's strongest knight Fafner. But what cruel fate awaits these two? A dark fantasy story featuring witches and knights begins now!
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Azure Legacy 4.9

Azure Legacy

Chapter 0

20,213 Feb 14,20 I Eat Tomatoes

Meng Chuan witnessed his mother killed before his eyes, so he trained very hard hoping to one day avenge her death. But his peaceful days were broken as his wedding engagement being called off, an invasion by foreign forces, the sanctuary fallen into enemy hands… In order to protect the people of Ning City, he picked up his sword and vowed to be the strongest. This is a heavy responsibil
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 Being a Substitute for President’s Bride 2.8

Being A Substitute For President’S Bride

Chapter 143

217,790 Feb 15,20 Updating

Her sister ran away with other man the day before wedding, and she became a substitute to marry the guy full of anger. On the wedding night, the handsome guy said without emotions “please fulfill my wife’s obligations.” She was called by her sister’s name when taking off her thin clothes. But she did not know…
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